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Assistance for Diabetics

The GREAT NEWS is that this delicious meal in a glass, unique to THE GREAT NUTRITION COMPANY provides

  • safe Energy  ( no sugars  - energy from protein not carbs)

  • assists Type 1 Diabetics avoid hypo��s  especially overnight �� one shake gives up to 7 hou...

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Gasto-intestinal Health is fundamental to physiological health. Researchers report that the average diet is 10g short of dietary fibre daily. The Great Nutrition Company Formula 2 : SOLSU-FIBRE is the most simple way to take in more natural dietary fibre.

Formula 2 �� SOLSU-FIBRE , taken...

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Assistance for Candida

The Great Nutrition Company : Formula 3, is a natural, sugar free, milk free Soya Protein Food that starves the Candida fungus while it feeds the ��good�� bacteria in the digestive tract. Candida albicans is naturally present in the body. It is not an external invasion. Candida is actually not har...

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Lifestyle Assistance

The Great Nutrition Company developed this formula especially to combat the potentially deadly Metabolic Syndrome.

The name of this syndrome is not well-known to the general public although it is frighteningly common - it is the cluster of risk conditions for Diabetes and Heart Attack ...

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Advantage - the gourmet sweetener

"ADVANTAGE" - the GOURMET alternative to Sugars

  • Suitable for all Lifestyle diseases

  • Suitable for Diabetics and Candida sufferers

  • Ideal for the weight conscious

  • Sprinkles easily

  • No aftertaste

  • Good for baking ��tolerates temperat...

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Assistance for Slimming

A unique aid to reduce Weight through CORRECT NUTRITION !

This formula from The Great Nutrition Company, is the result of research by food scientists aiming to assist weight loss without the use of drugs or potentially harmful additives or stimulants.

This easy to prepare, delic...

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