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Assistance for Slimming

A unique aid to reduce Weight through CORRECT NUTRITION !

This formula from The Great Nutrition Company, is the result of research by food scientists aiming to assist weight loss without the use of drugs or potentially harmful additives or stimulants.

This easy to prepare, delicious shake enhances vitality, providing low kilojoule (low calorie) meal replacement providing sustained energy, whilst burning off body fat.

The features of our Sugar free, lactose and gluten free formulation are:

  • energy levels are great and no "hypo" attacks
  • Can replace one to two meals per day
  • Mixed with water only - not milk or fruit juice of any kind (which introduce either lactose or fructose sugars )
  • Prebiotic fibres prevent constipation whilst losing weight
  • Prebiotic fibres stimulate probiotic microbial growth in the gut
  • Contains advanced L-Carnitine L-tartrate for enhanced weight loss
  • Maintains physiological and psychological confidence in the programme
  • Improves the general metabolism
  • Raises the immune system and is anti-oxidant.
  • Encourages cell regeneration and nutritional balance
  • Gluten and milk free

When utilizing Dietary Support Systems there are critical criteria which must be incorporated in the structure of the product. Weight loss requires, more importantly, demands body and HEALTH PROTECTION.
If the immue system breaks down under conditions of diet, one is clearly heading in the direction of trouble. Rehabilitation to good health can take a long time and be costly.
The ingredient structure of "Assistance for Slimming" Formula 6, provides step-by-step protection of all body systems. Further, one maintains a daily pattern of eating a normal meal, substituting the shakes for two other meals.
This ensures that the diet programme does not put one under physical or psychological stress. "Assistance for Slimmers" is the safe and holistic approach to weight loss.

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-Delicious shake - Just add water
500 g = 32.00 € 
(VAT incl)

Client Reviews
This truly is an exceptional product! Like everyone I wanted to lose some weight on the typical ��operation bikini�� mission which we all face before giving up. This after taking random dieting pills and half starving ourselves silly to the point that only a hot chocolate or biggest bowl of oily movie popcorn could possibly cheer us up again. I then gave in and tried the latest product from The Gr...
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