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Advantage - the gourmet sweetener

"ADVANTAGE" - the GOURMET alternative to Sugars

  • Suitable for all Lifestyle diseases
  • Suitable for Diabetics and Candida sufferers
  • Ideal for the weight conscious
  • Sprinkles easily
  • No aftertaste
  • Good for baking ��tolerates temperatures up to 260C
  • Dissolves immediately
  • Perfect taste of sweetness
  • Low cost advantages
  • Contains no added or classic sugars

Contains NO Aspartame and NO Saccharine, no cyclamates and no sucralose (splenda).

Using The Great Nutrition Company FORMULA 5 ADVANTAGE, is a lovely daily habit in tea and coffee. The basic sweetening ingredient is Acesulfame K which is not absorbed by the human body. Over 90 clinical studies by the Calorie Control Council of the USA have shown Acesulfame K to be totally safe, which gained it FDA approval for the USA. European countries have also given full approval for its use as a safe sugar substitute.
Our Food Scientists have skilfully combined Acesulphame -K with a non-nutritive carrier which reduces the natural sweetness from 200 times that of sugar in nature, to approximately 10 times.
Our Formula 5 Sweetener has the unique ability to counter "Sugar- demand, stress craving". This is very important, especially in Diabetic Care and other Lifestyle Disease management.
Formula 5 Advantage sugar replacer is strongly recommended as adjunct support in weight reduction and control. Besides Diabetics, Candida sufferers must adhere to a no sugar regimen and it plays a positive role in the difficulties associated with controlling sugar cravings in Obesity sufferers making it is ideal in Weight management.

ACESULFAME K is the one sweetening agent that can be used for baking. It is utilized in over 2000 products around the world. Our product is the only formulation using safe Acesulphame K to sweeten with no toxic additives (aspartame/ saccharine)
Formula 5 Advantage sweetener is both Kosher and Halaal.

Complimentary products

  • Formula 1 Assistance for Diabetics
  • Formula 2 Solsu-Fibre
  • Formula 3 Assistance for Candida
  • Formula 4 Lifestyle Assistance
  • Formula 6 Assistance for Slimming
  • Formula 7 Natural Assistance for Energy
150 g = 20.00 € 
(VAT incl)

Client Reviews
I started using ADVANTAGE 4 years ago when I decided to move away from sugars and maintain a healthier lifestyle.Having heard much about the dangers of aspartame in most conventional sweeteners, I did not want to submit myself to those. ADVANTAGE is an incredible product! It tastes much better than any other sweetener out there and because you use so little it goes a long way. Because of how eas...
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