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The Great Nutrition Company developed this formula especially to combat the potentially deadly Metabolic Syndrome.

The name of this syndrome is not well-known to the general public although it is frighteningly common - it is the cluster of risk conditions for Diabetes and Heart Attack - which when occurring together are a death sentence if not caught and controlled strictly by diet.

These linked factors are:

  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • Raised blood cholesterol (Dyslipideamia)
  • Obesity
  • Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)

Undeniably OBESITY is at pandemic proportions in most parts of the developed world, resulting directly from the culture of ��fast-food�� and binge eating . Where weight gain was considered a normal phenomenon of ageing and in some cultures is even considered a sign of health and prosperity, this is clearly not true. Frighteningly, a large proportion of the under 50��s and also children are seriously overweight in our society��s.
The implication is that Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes will affect a greater and younger population group.

LIFESTYLE ASSISTANCE - FORMULA 4 is specifically structured to cut Overeating, Binge eating and Junk Food addiction, thereby rehabilitating nutritional wellness. This formula is able to largely negate the damage that poor diet and fast foods create in the body.

INSULIN is stated to be the most important hormone in the body. The main causative factor in Metabolic Syndrome is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance at the cellular level has consequences throughout the body in terms of correct protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, all of which cause the Immune System to malfunction with serious ramifications.

The objective of The Great Nutrition Company Formula 4 �� LIFESTYLE ASSISTANCE - is to stop and correct Hyper-Insulinaemia (raised blood insulin levels due to cellular resistance) which is creating a host of problems for the body. The benefit of re-establishing Health through sound nutrition, is that the damage that has been created in the body by high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure is reduced. As correct and balanced nutrition is introduced, blood glucose and cholesterol drop significantly which in turn results in important weight reduction. Together, these factors are an important interception of the pre-diabetic condition and greatly reduce the chance of the onset of full ��blown Type 2 Diabetes.

Dietary studies of people with Metabolic Syndrome show a significant lack of quality dietary protein (due to their eating lifestyle choices of high carb / high fat foods). LIFESTYLE ASSISTANCE �� FORMULA 4 , contains a higher level of protein than our other formulations - the effect is to immediately stop cravings for high calorie, low nutritional value foods.

LIFESTYLE ASSISTANCE �� FORMULA 4 is not a diet. A single dose stops the ��demand�� for food intake and restores a sound nutritional foundation through the nutrients in the formula. It is taken only when craving nutritional support, helping one move away from a destructive eating lifestyle, bringing physical and mental stability in terms of food choices. Automatically, as one feels better about oneself, it becomes easier to control one��s appetite and make good correct food choices.

We suggest that as a daily meal replacement The Great Nutrition Company Formula 1, or Formula 7 shake is taken as an aid to weight reduction and to provide Energy for sustained activity and concentration.

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-Delicious shake - Just add water
500 g = 32.00 € 
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Client Reviews
My whole life I had to have little snacks from time to time and that��s not a good idea if you want to keep your figure in a good shape. I was recommended to take Formula 4 LIFESTYLE ASSISTANCE to stop my cravings. I was impressed by how palatable this product is! And how it really took away the desire of wanting to overeat and the need for additional snacks disappeared too. Ingo, 65 Marbella...
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