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Gasto-intestinal Health is fundamental to physiological health. Researchers report that the average diet is 10g short of dietary fibre daily. The Great Nutrition Company Formula 2 : SOLSU-FIBRE is the most simple way to take in more natural dietary fibre.

Formula 2 �� SOLSU-FIBRE , taken twice daily, 30 minutes before the meal, prevents Constipation and ensures a well functioning bowel. Solsu-fibre is NOT a laxative and is as effective in combating diarrhoea as it is in relieving constipation �� its action helps Normalise bowel function.

Formula 2 �� SOLSU-FIBRE, was specifically designed for particularly for Diabetics, and to combat high blood Cholesterol plus and gastro-intestinal and weight related problems.
The soluble / insoluble fibres in Solsu-Fibre. bind excess sugars and fats eaten daily and prevent these molecules being absorbed into the blood stream. This action has multiple spin-off results :including lowered blood glucose reducing a meal��s insulin requirement and improving insulin sensitivity. Limiting fat absorbtion acts as a weight control mechanism as part of a managed weight loss / cholesterol reducing, program.

It is important to recognize that SOLSU-FIBRE is in a PRE-BIOTIC form and will convert the gut ecosystem to a health Probiotic state �� which is a pre-requisite for health.
Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium become positively active in the presence of these pre-biotic fibres, which further ensures optimal functioning of the colon.

SOLSU-FIBRE in summary:

  • stops hypoglycaemic rebound
  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • reverses constipation and normalizes stool
  • stops diarrhoea �� the fibre holds water forming a gel, increasing viscosity in the digestive tract which creates a firmer stool.
  • being a soluble, insoluble fibre, it prevents sugar transfer into the bloodstream
  • it reduces blood sugar after meals (post-prandial effect)
  • it strongly binds and thereby helps control blood cholesterol, which which is part of the war on Cardiovascular disease.
  • alleviates hunger to support weight loss
  • does not interfere with mineral utilisation

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300 g = 32.00 € 
(VAT incl)

Client Reviews
I just had to let you know how delighted I am with Formula 2 SOLSU-FIBRE - natural fiber product. It really improved the function of my gut. I recently learned how important it is to have fiber in a daily diet. The foundation to our health is our colon DETOXIFICATION! It might be something you've never heard your doctor say. When we don't go (poop) the way we should (1-2 times per day), our bodies...
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