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Assistance for Diabetics

The GREAT NEWS is that this delicious meal in a glass, unique to THE GREAT NUTRITION COMPANY provides

  • safe Energy  ( no sugars  - energy from protein not carbs)
  • assists Type 1 Diabetics avoid hypo��s  especially overnight �� one shake gives up to 7 hours energy security
  • MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane)
  • a shake that is good for Hypoglycaemics too

Diabetics using Formula 1 ��Assistance for Diabetics�� daily, following a diabetic diet protocol, find that blood glucose readings drop...both spot and HbA1c.  

We aim to have users on daily on 7mmol/l (126mg/dl ) and below, on waking.

This product combats many Problems faced by Diabetics

  1. Feeling weak and lacking energy combined with disturbed sleep patterns
  2. Fear of Blindness  :  this is constantly referenced as the most feared long term consequence of Diabetics.
  3. Fear of Coma :  Our product with its special formulation provides for total overnight security and a peaceful night��s sleep for Type 1 diabetics. Taken before bed, instead of a late night snack or alcoholic drink, the shake provides the necessary energy for the body during the night hours, safely within the optimum blood sugar range.
  4. Feeling tired and lethargic �� Formula 1 �� Assistance for Diabetics�� shake taken either at breakfast or mid-morning, gives slow release energy effective for 6 or so hours.
  5. Neuropathy  :  healing ingredients help to counter painful feet.
  6. Stress  :  Everyone is healthier without stress. ��Assistance for Diabetes�� regulates the body, boosts the immune system which in turn helps general wellness and condition throughout 24 hours.
  7. Weight control  :  with a LOW GI of 40 and only 168 calories (720Kj) per serving, the nutrient structure is so dynamic it staves off  hunger, so one eats less ��heavy�� meals (which caused Obesity contributed to the type 2 diabetic profile).Many of our our insulin dependant users also report needing to inject less insulin when using the shakes as part of their daily nutritional programme.
  8. Raised Blood Glucose Levels  :  The nutrient structure of ��Assistance for Diabetics�� is such that most energy is provided from a protein and not a carbohydrate source. It must be emphasized that this formulation is special because it has NO SUGAR !
  9. This formula considers allergies and contains no animal products,  no lactose, no cholesterol and no gluten. It also is preservative and drug free.
  10. Tested and approved, Formula 1 powder is mixed in a shaker with only water to produce a most delicious, quick, healthy and economical meal or snack replacement.
-Delicious shake - Just add water
500 g = 32.00 € 
(VAT incl)

Client Reviews
My name is Etienne, I am diabetic type 2 and have had a pretty tough time recently because the pills that I have been taking to assist in my blood sugar no longer were working for me. In fact, you may know the product well. It is a tablet that actually irritates one's pancreas so that it will produce insulin. Well for me, ten years of irritation on the pancreas was just too much, and I found ...
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