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Assistance for Diabetics

My name is Etienne, I am diabetic type 2 and have had a pretty tough time recently because the pills that I have been taking to assist in my blood sugar no longer were working for me.
In fact, you may know the product well.
It is a tablet that actually irritates one's pancreas so that it will
produce insulin.
Well for me, ten years of irritation on the pancreas was just too
much, and I found that my blood sugar was TOTALLY
uncontrolled, no matter how hard I tried keeping to my diet.
I simply needed to go on to the Insulin injection but what a
problem it was to convince the State Clinic to allow that.
Anyway, after some blood tests and a really obvious ��diabetic
foot��, they eventually agreed to supply me with Human Insulin
by injection.
I was examined by several State Clinic doctors, especially as
the condition of my diabetic foot was worsening, and I recall
the words of the specialist addressing the nursing sister,
asking her to start with the arrangements for me to visit a
surgeon with the aim on having an amputation of that foot.
The thought horrified me.
Just about then my first delivery of THE GREAT NUTRITION
PRODUCTS arrived, including the safe sweetener
ADVANTAGE. The clinic changed my medication and started
me on insulin injections which meant more efficient absorbtion
of sugars, but also placed me at risk of a diabetic low
(hypoglyyceamia) occurring as a result.
I started taking the "ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETES" as a
meal replacement once a day and found that it was an energy
booster also.
Before taking the shake I was sleeping from about noon until
about 15h00 every day, but after having had the
"ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETICS " shake for lunch, I was
really revitalized and ready to go after about a half an hour��
This stuff is great
It tastes really good and gives one a lift just when you need it
I do confess that I have been taking the "ASSISTANCE FOR
DIABETES" as an energy booster, however because I am
now so much more active, losing weight is an added bonus.
Thank you so much for helping me, because with this new
zest for life, and the energy to keep up, I have found that I am
able to keep a tighter control on my blood sugar, keep active
and be a proper daddy to a very energetic three year old.
I am now fifty years old, and with the help of the vitamins and
minerals in the shake, I am able to keep up with my daughter,
what with climbing onto everything, into and out of wardrobes,
cupboards and kitchen sinks and the like. This was simply not
possible three months ago. I could only walk with a walking
stick, nursing a sore foot that my doctors planned on
amputating, and sleeping my life away��.
I have found in addition to the above that I am much more
patient, emotionally stable without the mood swings I thought
were normal and even my vision has improved because my
blood sugar is under control.
You guys are super heroes, and you do not even know it.
"ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETES" has made such a big
difference in my life and in the lives of my family, that words
cannot ever express our gratitude.
Kind Regards
Dr. Etienne L. R. (PhD. Th.)

Ten years ago I was diagnosed Diabetic late onset Type 2. I considered this a normal part of growing older and did not make any particular concessions other than to reduce my intake of sugary foods. I attended a Diabetic Support group and had my blood glucose tested every few months or so.

Five months ago I came into contact with The Great Nutrition Company - My understanding of Diabetes grew incrementally and I realized that it was actually important to control and monitor my blood sugar levels in order to avoid long term damage to my body. At that point, I was using another well known product recommended to Diabetics, for weight control and to provide energy. My blood glucose spot reading was 8.2 mmol/ l at a particular support group meeting, before I changed to using ��Assistance for Diabetics�� Formula 1.

In the following weeks my spot readings dropped to under 7 and my most recent HbA1c was 6.4 ! I am a delighted user of this product - that HbA1c reading was like getting a great exam result. I do not need insulin and am following a low GI diet suggested by The Great Nutrition Company. I use ��Assistance for Diabetics�� as a breakfast shake every morning and find that now my energy levels are excellent right through the day. I have also as an added benefit, lost 4kg - the product I was using before contained fructose which should never have been suggested to me as a diabetic. Not only was it raising my blood glucose, but it was also causing my weight to increase slowly but surely.

I am also using the complimentary products Solsu-fibre and Advantage - safe sugar replacement, which I also completely recommend - The Great Nutrition Company provides the only nutritional answer to living with Diabetes, that I have found anywhere. It is a complete, safe and totally natural assistance for a healthy lifestyle. I am 83 years old and have never felt better !

Ulli S - Marbella Spain

I am a man 55 years old, leading a normal life, but from a few years ago suffadering from an initial diabetes development, as it is the case for many persons older than fifty. As a consequence my doctor has recommended an strict diet of healthy food free as much as possible of sugar and carbohydrates. Some months ago during a holiday in Malaga a friend of my wife recommended me the products for diabetics of the Great Nutrition Company. I have tried some of them particularly their water-melting shakes and the Advantage sugar replacement.
Their taste is delicious, nothing to do with other substitutives. On the other hand I also noticed after some days that I was feeling much better than in the months before, both physically and emotionally. I do believe that the Great Nutrition Company products have produced that beneficial influence. I was warned by the doctor that Diabetes is often associated with a decrease on internal energy and mental attitude. If that was my case I believe that a quick improvement has been produced by the comsumption of the Great Nutrition Company's products. I recommend everyone with similar symptoms to try the products of the Great Nutrition Company. Now I cannot live without them.



Dear Sharon;

Dr. Etienne Raath came to me for treatment on his right foot after having burnt a blister on it one winter night in June 2010 which he hadn t felt happening due to diabetic neuropathy.

I am a qualified nursing sister and have over the years become quite a specialist in my own right in the treatment of diabetic patients.

Dr. Etienne Raath had virtually no sensation in his lower extremities and especially his heels were in a shocking condition.
They were cracked right into the live nerve ends and were as un-kempt as any I have ever seen.
The coloration in both his feet was blue rather leaning toward a dark blue/ black, and it was evident that the circulation was at a bare minimum.

My treatment of him was thus mainly concentrated on getting some normality in the blood circulation again and to treat those cracks in his heels before infection set in.

He saw me twice a week and while he did so, I kept track of his blood glucose levels.They was erratic to say the least.

High one day and low on the next, it became very clear to me that he was either consuming sugar (high carb diet) on the quiet or that the tablets he was taking for his diabetes were no longer working for him.

I referred Dr. Raath to the Government Clinic here in Harrismith with a recommendation to have his medication changed, preferably to Insulin Injections.

Even though there was plenty of red tape involved, eventually the Government agreed to supply Dr. Raath with Human Insulin Injections basing the dosage on his weight..
In addition to this change in medication, Dr. Raath informed me that his sister had sent him some special Diabetic products. He was using the sugar replacement ADVANTAGE with which he was well pleased as it was in powder form and could be used in baking, beverages and over his porridge.
He also spoke of a shake called called ��ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETES"
At first I was quite sceptical of this product as most of these shakes are aimed at weight loss while still using milk, which contains quite a lot of animal fat and sugar and are unsuitable for diabetics.
After reading up on the product, however, I recommended it without fear, especially as I was looking at supplementing Dr. Raath��s vitamin and mineral intake, which this product formulation did as well.

He had by that time developed a full blown ��diabetic foot�� and the blister on his foot was now an ulcer, getting worse to the point that the medical doctors at the State Clinic were planning an amputation.

Having seen Dr. Raath regularly at first, and then he came to me less frequently later on, I was shocked to see what he looked like on the day that he came to tell me about the Diabetic products which he had just obtained via his sister and came to ask my opinion of the formulation.

He looked terrible, as if he had aged by 20 years.
He was walking hunched over with the assistance of a walking stick, and he had gone grey almost overnight.
This 50 year old was looking like a poorly kept 70 year old man.

I recommended he take the ��ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETICS�� shake as soon as I saw what all it contained��there was nothing to harm him and his condition was terrible - if this product could help him ...... ?

Dr. Raath started taking the products in October 2010 and I saw him only twice that month, but during November he was becoming more active, having started a rather large vegetable garden in which he took much pride. The fact is that in becoming more active,he was getting more exercise while consuming less food, and omitting all the junk food that usually makes up most of our diet. He said the shake which was using to replace lunch, was giving him energy and had stopped his junk food cravings.

He says he consumes very little meat and almost no animal fat, and even though he would not call himself a vegetarian in public, he has taken to consuming mostly vegetable products.

I can assure you, that in him I see a total turn-around which must have a dramatic impact on his life expectation. He claims that the correct balance of vitamins and minerals in the "Assistance for Diabetics" shake, plus the energy he has when taking it, has helped him achieve this success and enabled the change in life-style.

He now looks and acts like a normal man in his mid-forties and the best of all is that he is no longer waiting for that dreaded amputation as the foot is almost totally healed and the blood circulation is up to 87% in that extremity.

This is a success story without a doubt.

Kind Regards

Marriaan B
Harrismith State Clinic

This product has completely changed my life. My Diabetes was diagnosed 10 years ago�� late onset Type 2.

I considered this a normal part of growing older and did not make any particular concessions other than to reduce my intake of sugary foods. I attended a Diabetic only nutritional answer to living with....


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